Zain Chaudhry

PhD Candidate, University of Heidelberg


I am a PhD candidate in economics at Heidelberg University. 

My research interests lie in development economics, with a focus on governance and political economy. I study these issues using lab-in-the-field experiments, quasi-natural experiments and Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs).


My work has been supported by grants from the International Growth Centre, Innovations for Poverty Action, PEDL (CEPR/FCDO) and German Research Foundation (DFG).

I am on the job market in 2022-2023 and am available for interviews at the EJM and the ASSA. 

Curriculum Vitae (Updated September 2022)


Twitter: @ZainChaudhry

Tel: +49 6221 54 38 53
Department of Economics
University of Heidelberg
Bergheimer Strasse 58

69115 Heidelberg, 



With Karrar Hussain, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg and Attique-ur-Rehman, UC Delaware.
Oxford Economic Papers, May 2022

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Job Market Paper

With Karrar Hussain (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg).
Job Market Paper

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Work in Progress

Cash Transfers and the State

With Markus Frölich (Mannheim) and Paula von Haaren (Heidelberg)

Funded by the DFG. Data collection begins January 2023. 

Cognitive Skills and Decision-Making

With Axel Dreher (Heidelberg) and Tobias Korn (Hanover)

Funded by the DFG. Data collection begins March 2023.

Inter-Sectarian Contact and Economic Outcomes

With Karrar Hussain (FAU-Erlangen Nuremberg)

Funded by the IPA and IGC. Endline completed. 

Selection and Performance of Health Workers

With Dietmar Fehr (Heidelberg), Karrar Hussain (FAU-Erlangen Nuremberg) and Muhammad Yasir Khan (Pittsburgh)

Funded by the DFG. Data collection begins Fall 2023.

Job Opportunities

I am currently hiring a Research Assistant based at the Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan. You should have a good econometrics and coding skills and be able to work independently. The project is on the national cash transfer program in Pakistan, which delivers cash to women with the goal of female empowerment. The project is together with Markus Frölich (Mannheim/C4ED), Paula von Haaren (Heidelberg) and Nasir Iqbal (PIDE). 

Prof. Frölich is a leading econometrician who runs his own research organization in Germany (C4ED) and Pakistan and has a strong placement record for his interns/research assistants (e.g. Harvard, Stanford and LSE). Prof. Iqbal is a leading expert of the national cash transfer programme of Pakistan, having previously served as the BISP Secretariat’s Director R&D. 

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