Zain Chaudhry

PhD Candidate, University of Heidelberg


I am a PhD candidate in economics at Heidelberg University. 

Job Opportunities

I am currently hiring a Research Associate at the Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan. The project is on the national cash transfer program in Pakistan which delivers cash to women with the goal of female empowerment. The project is together with Markus Froelich (Mannheim/C4ED), Paula von Haaren (Heidelberg) and Nasir Iqbal (PIDE). 

Prof. Froelich is an econometrician who runs his own research organization in Germany (C4ED) and Pakistan and has a strong placement record for his interns/research assistants. Prof. Iqbal is a leading expert of the national cash transfer programme of Pakistan, having previously served as the BISP secretariat’s Director R&D. 


Further details about the position and how to apply can be found here.